Meet the Staff

Sara Raja

Clinician in Training

Sarah is the newest member at Guada Psych and has been a great addition to our team. Sara's motivation to pursue a career in clinical psychology is related to her natural desire to see people feeling good. Sara is able to offer services in two languages, both English and Urdu, which we hope can be useful to our local community. 
Education and Experience
Sara is currently enrolled in Northwestern University's MA program. Sarah completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology here in Chicago at UIC where she worked in their the Memory Lab. There, she and other team members used neuroimaging methods to better understand the function of memory in humans. ​
Compassionate approach
Sara has an extremely warm demeanor that helps her patients feel comfortable. She currently sees adults dealing with mild mental illness. Sara has been a great addition to our team. She is supervised by Dr. Guada as well as Dr. Montesano. 

Sarah English, LPC



Sarah English has been at Guada Psych since 2017, and we are so glad she is still here. Sara is a clinically astute and socially personable woman. In her own words, "My passion is to help individuals and families who have gone through experiences not everyone can understand. I enjoy equipping my patients with targeted skills to help them return to enjoying everyday life. My priority is to build a healthy relationship and rapport that creates a safe and open environment. I build realistic and attainable treatment plans with my patients to bring them relief."

Education & Experience
Sarah earned her Masters degree in Counseling from Adler University here in Chicago and her BS from Western Illinois University in Macomb, IL. She has clinical expertise treating adults with histories of severe depression to mild or moderate depression and other mood disorders. She has considerable training and also enjoys working with patients who deal with substance use or families that need help working through family stress. 

One size does not fit all

Sara is a goal focused gal, thus Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in many ways feels second nature to her. However, Guada Psych clinicians are skilled at utilizing a range of therapeutic styles and do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Sarah's kind personality and keen clinical skill set allow her to provide a safe space for people to find mental health growth.  

Liara Montesano, PsyD



Dr. Liara Montesano has been practicing at Guada Pscyh since October of 2019 and has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team. According to Dr. Montesano, "I view human beings as having vast amounts of potential that is often held back by different complications. I chose clinical psychology because of my desire to see individuals become the best versions of themselves." Today, Dr. Montesano works with child, adolescent and adult patients in therapy and assessment/evaluation.

Education and Training

After finishing her Bachelors degree at Capella University in clinical psychology, she completed five years of intensive study at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This schooling required clinical rotations at multiple facilities, and she earned positions at some of the most difficult training sites, including Northwestern University’s Family Health Center and Illinois Masonic Medical Center. As a clinical psychologist, she is highly qualified to treat your difficulties, and she can speak both English and Spanish fluently.

Providing Relief

Dr. Montesano's patients struggle with insecurity, self-doubt, loneliness, obsessive thinking, and many other challenges that compromise quality of life. Her office offers a place where people can explore themselves and find ways to better cope with their lives. At Guada Psych, we do not have any expectations for our patients, and we work to meet people where they are at. Using her soft and insightful ways, Dr. Montesano guides her patients towards positive treatment outcomes. 

Kati Guada, PsyD


I have always had compassion for people in emotional pain, and that passion lead me to open Guada Psychological Services. Guada Psych has been open since November of 2016 and I am proud of what is has become-a place where all people can come to receive top notch services by highly skilled professionals who take a patient-centered approach to care. 


Education and Training

I earned my BA degree from Indiana University in beautiful Bloomington, IN. While I always knew I would end up being a psychologist, if there was any question, learning about linguistics as it related to the human mind sealed the deal. After five strenuous years of intensive study and clinical practice at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, I earned my doctoral degree. Along the way, I learned to treat the most serious of cases as well as how to navigate and work within the mental health system so that the best outcome is achieved for the patient. 


Patients and Problems Treated 

I love to work with angry and depressed and/or anxious adolescents as well as their family members, and I have extensive experience in this area. I also enjoy working with adult or adolescent patients with trauma histories who have difficulty in their relationships and who struggle to find happiness on a regular basis. I also work with a considerable amount of patients who deal with anxiety, including social anxiety. I further enjoy helping individuals who struggle with symptoms of psychosis. I meet patients where they are at and go from there, together we work to figure out what will help you to feel better. 

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