Educational Testing

Educational or diagnostic testing is the best way for parents, teachers, and therapists to understand what a student needs to succeed in the classroom.

Once testing is complete, clinician will meet with student and/or parent to discuss the report and what testing found. Included in the report is a list of specific recommendations to aid in growth in development, both inside the classroom and beyond. 

Do not hesitate to call with any questions related to educational testing. 


Testing is:

  • Offered for students ages 3-16 years

  • Completed via pencil and paper in our office

  • Takes approximately 4-6 hours

  • Can be completed in 1-2 days

  • Includes a short parent interview


 Tests cover the following:

  • Auditory reasoning

  • Fluid reasoning

  • Listening comprehension

  • Math fluency

  • Oral expression

  • Oral reasoning

  • Processing speed

  • Quantitative reasoning

  • Reading comprehension

  • Verbal comprehension

  • Visual spatial skills

  • Working memory

  • Written expression

  • Behavior